Paint Removal & Restoration

Over the years trends and fashions have dictated that external wall coverings are attractive and make your property stick out from your neighbours, crisp colours and clean lines only add to the appeal, traditionally Lime render or lime wash paint was applied to Pre 1950’s property and this allowed them to breath naturally as they had originally been constructed to do. With the development of modern coatings designed to waterproof and protect modern buildings, when applied to Pre 1950’s properties it trapped in moisture and where it was meant to protect your property is in fact destroying it from within. When you realise your property has been coated in modern non breathable coatings, the only answer is to remove it and deal with the cosmetic surface that is left behind.

Coatings that damage your property

  • Cement Render
  • Waterproof Masonry Paints
  • Water Proofing liquids
  • Plastic wall coverings and paints

Chemical Strip & Paint Removal

This 1880’s property returned to brick, as can be seen from the before picture the moisture trying to get out has delaminated the paint it’s blistered and looks a unappealing. After a full chemical strip and high pressure steam to remove the coating, pointing raked out and renewed and additional ground floor WC added you’d never know and the building is protected.

1870’s Village Hall

Built in 1870 the village hall extension had been rendered with cement containing a small amount of lime, unfortunately the portland cement content had caused the moisture to be retained in the brickwork, an additional latex type wall covering had been applied which compounded the problem and caused the covering to blister as the moisture managed to escape.
The only course of action was to remove the render, rake out the brick joints and repoint with lime mortar, the option to lime render the external elevation was an option the committee liked the rugged look after the pointing and the decision was made to leave it in traditional brick.

Late 19th Century Property – Sprayed Coating

Late 19th Century dwelling, 15 years ago a company applied a spray coating to the exterior elevations. The construction is a relatively soft clay brick and a solid wall construction. The coating trapped in the moisture and the effect is evident.