Buildfix Plumbers in Stafford         

Buildfix Plumbers of Stafford deal with a wide range of basic plumbing repairs, proficiently and cost effectively. We deal with the annoying plumbing problems that specialist contractors aren’t geared to — Stafford Plumbers deal with dripping taps, leaking pipes, blocked internal pipes, bleeding radiators, changing taps and re-sealing baths and shower trays. Armed with a comprehensive set of tools,  Buildfix Plumbers from Stafford are experts at carrying out minor plumbing repairs, efficiently and cleanly.

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Heating design and installation

We handle work that is connected with the boiler and central heating system, using strategic partners that are Gas Safe registered members and

comply with current building regulations. We also conduct work involving external drains using our proven trading partners. If you have this type of repair give us a call; we’ll be happy to arrange for a specialist to handle this for you.

  • Fixing leaking taps and pipes
  • Replacing taps
  • Fitting washing machines and dishwashers
  • Unblocking internal waste pipes
  • Plumbing in sinks
  • Fixing leaks
  • Repairing toilet cisterns
  • Replacing ball valves
  • Mending faulty toilet flush mechanisms
  • Fitting toilet seats
  • Bleeding radiators
  • Replace radiators
  • Fit/replace thermostatic valves to radiators
  • Replacing sinks and basins
  • Replacing ball valves
  • Installing garden taps
  • Fitting isolation valves
  • Replacing a waste disposal unit or macerator
  • Re-sealing baths and shower trays
  • Fitting shower

** Gas Safe **

Buildfix follow stringent UK law on Gas installations. Gas Boiler, Gas Fire, Gas Cooker and other Gas installations, must be carried out by a registered Gas safe engineer and a certificate issued in accordance with UK Law.